Seoul Gaels, Go Together 2
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Seoul Gaels, Go Together 2

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Áine from Dublin, Ireland - " I am a kindergarten teacher in Seoul. I’m always up for a challenge, especially with like minded, hard working people and I cannot wait to complete the 100km trail walk with my teammates. I jumped at the chance after seeing pictures of 3 friends who completed the walk last year. Their accounts of the weekend plus the entire event being a worthy cause inspired me to sign up. Looking forward to it!"

Sean from Kerry, Ireland - "I became aware of the event through three friends who completed the challenge last year and was very impressed with their physical and mental strength in making it to the finish line. While I have taken part in trail running or orienteering races in the past, this will be the first time taking on a such a challenge as part of a team which is something I am really looking forward to. Having to have all four members finish together demands a strong team bond, unselfishness, and the ability to support or be supported. The difficulty of the event puts into perspective the daily struggles faced by those less fortunate - a worthy cause."

Kevin - From Leitrim, Ireland "I am a life and sports enthusiast who completed the Oxfam trailwalker event in 2018. It was a fantastic experience and challenge that I immediately jumped at for this years edition. I am keen to support my team through all the challenges we faced last year but also look forward to the enthusiasm and energy they will bring. I feel very fortunate to be involved again and relish anything that is throw at our team as I am confident that we will approach everything with context and with a positive attitude. Ultimately this is all about awareness and being part of a movement and message that supports people in difficult situations, I am delighted to be able to be part of that message in even the smallest way. "

Lee Soyeon - Seoul, South Korea (details coming soon).
  • Sean Walsh

  • Kevin Conlan

  • Chris Lawless

  • Soyeon Lee


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Kevin ConlanBackToBack110,000 KRW
Sean WalshEnjoy the blisters :)100,000 KRW
RoryShanahanThat''s it now boy!75,000 KRW
RoisinDeasyGood luck Aine with loads of love, D, R & A. xxx50,000 KRW
이소연Go together for creamy pints50,000 KRW
ValerieDeasyWell done to you all - best of luck50,000 KRW
DarraghDeasyBest of luck to all the Seoul Gaels! D. Deasy50,000 KRW
Patrice ReidyUp Limerick (From Nadi and Patsy)50,000 KRW
Declan GriffinAll the best with it gang. Great stuff!50,000 KRW
ANDREW MOOREBest of luck to all the Gaels ! Fantastic Achievement50,000 KRW
임영란Good luck~50,000 KRW
AudreyO''DONOGHUEBest if luck to you and your team mates Aine x50,000 KRW
maryfitzgeraldBest of luck everyone xoxo35,000 KRW
AnneHantonGood luck! Enjoy it all :)30,000 KRW
CaitlynConnollyBest of luck!30,000 KRW
davidperdisattBest of luck Sine and team30,000 KRW
NiallGarrySneak Sneak30,000 KRW
고지연Assa~!!!30,000 KRW
JoMitchellGood luck Aine, you’ll be amazing!30,000 KRW
윤혜린for the change :) (thx Sean!)20,000 KRW
GarethReynoldsThat''s the whole lot there now.20,000 KRW
JackieByrneWell done Aine Deasy ...very proud of you and your team!!!20,000 KRW
박영경홧팅20,000 KRW
CatherineKeaneyWell done!20,000 KRW
DavidCarrGo at that now, Kev20,000 KRW
PaddyO''DonnellTransit Van new starter fitted recently, new back springs, two new tyres, driving perfectly, test out, call for more information20,000 KRW
MJUp the kimchi20,000 KRW
Sara CurtinSeoul Gaels Abu20,000 KRW
KathleenDurkanBest of luck Aine ??20,000 KRW
김나나Go seoul gaels Kimchi power!15,000 KRW
MarieHandBest of luck.10,000 KRW
AoifeGreeneMaith thu cailini10,000 KRW
RuairiDeasyBest of luck Aine x10,000 KRW
niamhHurleyWell done Aine & team.10,000 KRW
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