Seoul Gaels, Go Together 1
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Seoul Gaels, Go Together 1

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All of us love a challenge and adventure, but also the idea of doing something worthwhile that can make a difference in peoples lives.
OXFAM have being doing this for many years and we are delighted to be able to join them in their quest to help our fellow man, especially those who need it most; We "Go Together".

~* Oliver, Team Leader; Seoul Gaels Coach. Works with United States Forces Korea as Human Resources Manager. A long history and background in sports and volunteerism and OXFAM Trailwalker is a great opportunity to combine both. I participated in last years trailwalker and enjoyed the experience, so much so, that I am a repeat offender and will keep coming back. What you do in life will speak of who you are; volunteering and participating in this event, I hope speaks of who I am, Oliver walked the walk, and talked the talk.

~*Sara, I am a kindergarten teacher, from Ireland, working in Seoul. I was inspired to participate in the event after watching my teammates and friends complete the trail last year.
The Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenge and opportunity to give back to those who walk everyday just to survive.

~*Chris, I teach English to elementary, middle and high school students in Suwon. I found out about the Trailwalker event through my friend. I am participating because the event is something I would like to do it and it’s a great way to raise money for Oxfam. It’s going to be a great time.The Oxfam Trailwalker event is inspiring.

~*Hyesoo, I teach Chinese letters at elementary school in Pyeongtack; Love children,teaching and helping people. We all need to protect our world and people and this can only be done by all of us striving to make a difference. I am happy to do my best to support and add my name to those that did something and hopefully made one life at a time; peace, love and harmony.
  • Oliver Cunningham

  • Sara Curtin

  • Hyesoo Lee

  • Aine Deasy

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OliverCunningham wasGo on the Gaels260,000 KRW
한기종완주하시길 응원합니다~~!! from.두뇌계발 한자속독 경남본부100,000 KRW
Seoul GaelsHon the Gaels100,000 KRW
Richard JTebayEnjoy.100,000 KRW
K.100,000 KRW
DeanCunninghamBest of luck guys. From Dean, Aoife and Louis.100,000 KRW
Christopher LawlessWE DID IT!!!!100,000 KRW
배윤숙응원합니다50,000 KRW
maimulhallGood luck Oliver and Hyesoo50,000 KRW
Sean CummaneFighting50,000 KRW
John & Margaret CurtinUp the Kingdom50,000 KRW
Hyesoo Leelet''''s go together~~ 같이 가요~~50,000 KRW
Tasha BarnwallWell done to all the gang!30,000 KRW
ShaneDolanGreat cause Ollie - powerful stuff. Mayo Shane30,000 KRW
Thomas CunninghamThank you for helping our team!! Thomas~~27,000 KRW
Garret CunninghamThanks Garret for donating our team~!!27,000 KRW
홍명이Cheer up Hyesoo and Oliver!!20,000 KRW
이지원올해도 완주하시길 응원할게요~~♡20,000 KRW
이미자응원합니다~^^ 화이팅~~~~!!!!20,000 KRW
LeanneGarveyWell done ye all did amazing ??20,000 KRW
AndreaThorntonYou''re inspirational girls!20,000 KRW
김나나Kimchi powerrr15,000 KRW
이미자응원합니다~^^ 화이팅~~~~!!!!10,000 KRW
SileElliottjust keep putting one foot in front of the other. ???♀????♀????♀?10,000 KRW
CarolineHennessyWalk on with hope in your hearts and you''ll never walk alone10,000 KRW
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