Fit for happy life
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Fit for happy life

1,262,115 원 후원 253%
목표액 500,000 원
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Our team believes fit people are happier. We aim to complete the 100km walk within the time limit and injury free.

  • Perine geok kuan Seah

  • Puang Mui Geok

  • Teo Bee Leng

  • Chen Jin

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‘기부펀딩’은 참가팀이 지인에게 대회 참가를 알리고, 전 세계의 가난한 사람들을 돕기 위해 자유로운 방식으로 모금활동을 하는 것을 의미합니다.
참가 등록 후 4월 30일(월) 18시까지 팀별 최소 50만원 기부펀딩을 완료해주셔야하며, 여러분의 소중한 후원금은 100% 옥스팜을 통해 식수와 위생지원 및 긴급구호활동에 사용됩니다.

팀과 함께한 36명의 발걸음
팀과 함께한 36명의 발걸음
후원자명 응원 문구 후원금액
Quek Chung Tze"In appreciation of a great team that is dedicating their time and effort out there for charity. Gambatte for the walk!"135,000 KRW
Tynn LimAll for a worthy cause, well done Jasmine & team! Fighting!100,000 KRW
KASEY TAN TOH CHEN加油, 加油, 美玉!!82,000 KRW
JOANNE TAN SIEW KIENJasmine, all the best to you and your team82,000 KRW
Sharon He81,000 KRW
Jasmine PuangThanks to All the Donors here & my dear 大猩猩 for the support! We will do our best to complete it! 感恩有??的支持!78,115 KRW
Wong Wai Fung50,000 KRW
Yuying40,000 KRW
ONG YUNG CHI VALENEHappy Walking!40,000 KRW
Michelle KoohAchieve 100km for charity! All the way! 40,000 KRW
Hwee Eng40,000 KRW
Goh Wee BengI wish the team all the best in your meaningful mission. Have fun and be safe!40,000 KRW
Chen Tsai Yu BernieSee you at the finish line!40,000 KRW
Wang Min HongTo support charity walk to help needed people32,000 KRW
Chen YaoCheers32,000 KRW
Kolyn Ho Yow FongJiayou!30,000 KRW
SERENE TIONG祝我?心想事成!Huat?! 女??!24,000 KRW
Phebe Wong24,000 KRW
Wu Meng QingA little bit hoping to help20,000 KRW
Yang HuanWeiHope your life getting better. Support my sister who is one of the participants from "Fit of Happy Life". Cheers!16,000 KRW
Wu XiaoxuanMy dear sister, always be proud of you, hoping many people can benefit from your devotion for charity.16,000 KRW
Wang LiXiang16,000 KRW
Siti Sulaiha Binte SulaimeYou all can do it! keep it up!16,000 KRW
Ong Chong Peng16,000 KRW
Linda asbuYou guys can do it! 16,000 KRW
Kit Chen16,000 KRW
Dai Yi16,000 KRW
Cheryl Kwok Yuen LanNo pain no gain. All for a good cause!14,000 KRW
Alicia ChiaAh!14,000 KRW
Zheng Jian Ping8,000 KRW
Zed Lim8,000 KRW
Puang Kok Soon8,000 KRW
Grace SohJia You!!8,000 KRW
Alice FooJust do it8,000 KRW
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