Mountain Kiwis 산키위
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Mountain Kiwis 산키위

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We participated in the inaugural event last year and completed the course comfortably with plenty of stops and durries in 34 hours. This year we want to come first and beat those lousy Gurkhas from the Himalayas. We reckon we can get it done in 12 hours. Yeah, Na! If we can't come first we'll settle for 89th in 32 hours. We are four New Zealanders residing in Korea. NZers are known as kiwis. A kiwi is a fat short grubby useless for nothing bird that wants to be a night rooster. It has an overextended nose and can't even fly! Nonetheless, they are sadly our national bird, even though no one has ever really seen one in the wild. And as this course is set in the glorious mountains (san 산) of Korea, and NZers are the best mountaineers in the world, cause Ed Hillary knocked the bastard off in 53, then we rightly call our team the sankiwis. We start training one week out! 'Get'n behind' us, and give us your dosh you stingy buggers, so we can give it away, for a good cause. We'll finish again. Can of corn mate! Chur.

Roger, Andrew, Lee, Pat.

  • Roger Shepherd

  • Patrick Quinn Carle

  • Andrew Douch

  • Lee Gaskell

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참가 등록 후 4월 30일(월) 18시까지 팀별 최소 50만원 기부펀딩을 완료해주셔야하며, 여러분의 소중한 후원금은 100% 옥스팜을 통해 식수와 위생지원 및 긴급구호활동에 사용됩니다.

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팀과 함께한 19명의 발걸음
후원자명 응원 문구 후원금액
Leecrack that 30hr barrier fullas!!150,000 KRW
Andrew DouchBracing for a chafing150,000 KRW
MareeWell done Roger and fellow Kiwis70,000 KRW
지경영Hello! Roger..I am supporting you all the times. Fighting Mountain Kiwis team.!50,000 KRW
SandraHooray for foriegners!50,000 KRW
Maureen Stay positive...Make it happen....Shock everyone....!!......Mum & Roger, Mt M, NZ50,000 KRW
JillianRain is just a fuse! Go well boys:) from Jillian and Matt50,000 KRW
Ceciliagood luck, mountain kiwis team!50,000 KRW
Adam BeattieGood luck guys. On behalf of Mark Melican and myself.50,000 KRW
Michaeltopped you guys off at 1,000,000. well done.45,000 KRW
RobertGo Kiwis!30,000 KRW
MaiteKeep on walking !25,000 KRW
정영혁작년에 이어 연속참가? 멋진 뉴질랜드팀. 응원합니다!!20,000 KRW
이강희멋져요!!! 로저셰퍼드~ / 파이팅!!! 산키위~~^^ 20,000 KRW
홍선혜산키위팀 화이팅! 로저 셰퍼드 화이팅!10,000 KRW
육경희산키위팀 화이팅!!10,000 KRW
RogerFagots!10,000 KRW
ElisabethFighting!10,000 KRW
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