Living for more than the city
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Living for more than the city

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We eat, we walk, we eat again
In October 2015, I saw an ad in the Parisian subway for the OXFAM France Wintertrail.
Just before leaving for a road trip across Northern and Eastern Europe, I inscribed myself to the challenge - 60 km in snowshoes to do in 30 hours maximum, by teams of 4, needing to gather 2000 Euros to take the departure.
My own personal challenge wasn't there. My challenge was to be with the others. I live alone, I work alone (I have my own company), I travel alone. I love meeting people, spending time with others. But still, I had the feeling to protect myself very much. So I thought it was time to trust the world, to jump into it and to trust - even if I had the occasion to enjoy it before - it will bring me the best.
And what an adventure it had been !
I managed to gather a team 5 weeks before the start, 2 weeks before one injured himself, we found another team member 1 week before, 24h before another one had to give up for health reason and we hadn't the necessary amount !
So I just let it go, did some yoga in thinking "trust the world, it will bring what you need". And coming back in front of my computer, we had the money and could take the departure being 3.
The biggest part was done. I thought so.
At some point, my team and I didn't see the challenge the same way. I started injuring myself - my right thigh was hurting like if I had a knife into it after 20kms. At the half I had the authorisation to go on only if I took it easy. So we split, in order to be good with everyone. They went with another team. And I waited for another one to pick me on their way. I've been welcomed by the Irish team, and what a welcome ! I gained supporters and warm attention, which allows me to finish despite the pain and the wound.
I started French and finished Irish - on Sunday March 6th, I was proud to be Irish !
I am also very proud of myself for not only the energy I put into it and being able to achieve it, but very proud and mostly thankful for having taken the bet of trusting me and trusting the world and being given the best !
Few months afterwards, there was the OXFAM trailwalker - 100 km to do in 30 hours maximum, by teams of 4, needing to gather 1500 Euros to take the departure.
For reasons I won't write here - long story short - I ended up in 2015 signing for the 2 trails. And as I had already a team ready for the last trail, in looking for my team members in the 1st one, this team fell appart when one of the members had a bad accident.
So again, I managed to build up a team, we managed to gather the money and to go on.
And again, one of the team member fell badly sick the night before the departure !
This time we were a kinder team, supporting each other. So the challenge was more to finish on time. We were ended up at two, being the last time to pass the finish line, signing out loud in walking towards it. We did it, AGAIN !

I had other personal challenge to take in 2017, so no OXFAM trail that year. But I was really tempted by trailwalkers in Japan or Korea.
That's why I sign up for the OXFAM Kr Trailwalker - knowing I've never been in Korea, it was a good occasion to discover.
None of my previous teams members were available for the period, but I signed up anyway.
So, I'm still in the team members' hunt. Welcome to join me.
You can also support the team in construction by giving money or sharing this link.
Whatever the situation - that I gather the team or not - the money will go to OXFAM.

Thanks to all the people, friends, relatives, customers - whatever the link - who shared, who gave money, who said bravo, who said no, who said I didn't think you would, whatever they did, they were part of the road and only for that I THANKED them a lot.
As a an old friend of mine told me shortly after we met :
"The only barriers we have are the ones that we put ourselves"

Thanks !
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