FUNtastic IV
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FUNtastic IV

3,877,500 원 후원 776%
목표액 500,000 원
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Taking up the 100km challenge to raise funds for the poor and having fun along the way!
  • Gary Lim

  • Calvin Bok

  • Grace Ang

  • Wui Khuen Ong

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나와 내 친구, 가족이 함께할 수 있는 가장 뜻깊은 기부

‘기부펀딩’은 참가팀이 지인에게 대회 참가를 알리고, 전 세계의 가난한 사람들을 돕기 위해 자유로운 방식으로 모금활동을 하는 것을 의미합니다.
참가 등록 후 4월 30일(월) 18시까지 팀별 최소 50만원 기부펀딩을 완료해주셔야하며, 여러분의 소중한 후원금은 100% 옥스팜을 통해 식수와 위생지원 및 긴급구호활동에 사용됩니다.

팀과 함께한 35명의 발걸음
팀과 함께한 35명의 발걸음
후원자명 응원 문구 후원금액
Calvin Bok and His SupportersWay to go! All the best ! Well done Calvin ... we are proud of you ... Go for it! U can do it! Tks for doing Wat most ppl cld hv done but didn''t, only the rich at would make things happen. Ganbatte! Don’t give up and don’t give in! All the best to your noble endeavour! Go Calvin! Way to go Calvin! Keep it up. I''m so proud of you! Well done Ah Bok. Jia you! All the best! But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. - Isaiah 40:31 Live your dreams and make it happens. All the best. Thank god for ppl like u to make dis world a better place. Jia u! Good effort, enjoy the walk! Good luck Cal. All the best Cal!!! Jia You! Go Go Cal! All the best!1,500,000 KRW
Financial Alliance Pte LtdWe are proud of your determination to complete the 100 KM as a team and Financial Alliance will always be with you to achieve this goal!650,000 KRW
Rocky小?候我也??,但知?改?命?,加油!170,000 KRW
Betsy SinCalvin, wishing you a safe and fruitful walk. This is a meaningful walk. We have been blessed n is time to bless others. You can do it. 加油!!119,000 KRW
GARY LIMStart together and finish it well!100,000 KRW
Goh Mui FongGo Team Go, your friends and family are behind you!!100,000 KRW
The VestringsUncle Gary, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming... by Dory". God''s speed!100,000 KRW
Sophia Lee??的 ??,?暖了被??者的心。加油!80,500 KRW
Chrystine Woon"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do - Steve Jobs" All the best to you and your team, Grace80,000 KRW
Charlene ChoonCalvin Jia you! Take care for the 100 KM walk!77,000 KRW
Chui Peng一步一脚印,成功完成??的善?。加油!50,000 KRW
Snoopy FanChallenge yourselves. Press on. Don''t forget to keep looking up!50,000 KRW
CCH”如果??途中想放?,?得?何?持??久了。。要相?相??……??"50,000 KRW
Elizabeth Mathilde Ng"Jia you" Li Yan Gu Gu and team:)50,000 KRW
Bernard LimGod bless every step of this effort to touch lives.50,000 KRW
Lilian NgIn Loving memory of my father, Thank you to my team members for the support & care. I cant do it myself but thanks for doing the walk! All of you did a FUNtastic Job!50,000 KRW
Catherine TangCan finish within 30 hours?? 我在精神上支持??!50,000 KRW
Serene TonAll the best Grace, Lilian, Gary and Calvin! Thank you for taking on this challenge and doing something so meaningful for the society! God bless you all with a safe, enjoyable and successful journey!50,000 KRW
Jacqueline KohJia You!42,000 KRW
Teng Choon PinEvery step you guys take , is a giant leap ,in life , for those beneficiaries ...! I really respect and support All your commitments , hard works and care from hearts...!42,000 KRW
Lau Siang HuaCalvin Jia You! 加油!!! ??40,000 KRW
Raymond Wee40,000 KRW
Sharon ChuaWish all of you have a safe & pleasant trip ahead!40,000 KRW
Zoe PhuaLilian, Calvin & Team, Jia You!39,000 KRW
MF NgTo Grace & Team, 아자아자 화이팅!30,000 KRW
K L TangAll the best, you can do it!30,000 KRW
Carol ChanAll the way FUNtastic IV! Bring back the glory for Financial Alliance. Stay together as a team and persevere on.30,000 KRW
Jason SuGary, Calvin, Grace and Lillian, your endeavour on this walk represents leaps made for humanity. Jiayou!25,000 KRW
Ethan Simon BenUncle Gary and team, you''ll never walk alone :)25,000 KRW
Jeslyn LimI am inspired by Calvin’s enthusiasm and unwavering effort in this fundraising feat. When one life got lemon, we do our little help and provide sweet honey to the lemon. ??23,000 KRW
Calvin BokSophie Mo : Calvin, jiayou and hike safe!23,000 KRW
Angelina LeowFUNtastic IV, 勇氣可嘉!20,000 KRW
Clayderman TanCalvin, cfm can reach your goal!20,000 KRW
Andy ChiaJiayou!16,000 KRW
Chiang Chuen WanCalvin, supporting you all the way!16,000 KRW
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