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Challenge yourself. Challenge Poverty The first Oxfam Trailwalker takes place in Gurye and Jiri Mountain, which are part of Jeollanam-do Province in South Korea. While taking on 100km within 38 hours as a team of four, you will challenge your mind and body. It is also a rewarding fundraising challenge. With every step you take, teams raise money to help fight poverty around the world.

Challenge yourself

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the world's ultimate team challenges against poverty and injustice. You and three mates will journey through 100km of bush trail within 38 hours. It’s not a relay. Your team has to start together, stick together and finish together — it’s tough, but with the right training and attitude you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. The feeling when you cross the finish line will be something you’ll never forget.

Challenge poverty

Oxfam Trailwalker is a life-changing experience and every step you take helps raise vital funds to support people living in poverty. Since 1981 over 200,000 people have taken part in Oxfam Trailwalker, collectively raising over $200 million US to fight poverty worldwide. You’ll be part of a global phenomenon where ordinary people achieve something extraordinary and make a lasting difference by supporting Oxfam’s work around the world. Oxfam works with local communities to help them create their own sustainable solutions to poverty. Together we are promoting education, ensuring access to clean water, teaching skills to grow food and advocating for their basic rights.

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The Fundraising challenge

Half the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge is fundraising - to bring about lasting change in peoples’ lives. Each Trailwalker team must raise a minimum sponsorship amount USD 450 / HKD 3,400 / KRW 500,000 to enter an Oxfam Trailwalker.

Knowing where your money is going and about the lives you're changing will help keep you and your team going when it gets really tough.
Oxfam works in over 90 countries, fighting poverty by responding to emergencies, through development projects and campaigns to tackle the root causes. And all of this is only possible because of people like you raising money for such vital work.

It’s not difficult - you are undertaking an enormous personal challenge and you’ll find colleagues, friends and family will want to be part of your success. You’ll find fundraising can be great fun too!

What you've got to get started

  • Ideas. Fundraising ideas are endless. Many past Oxfam Trailwalker teams have come up with new, exciting and successful fundraising activities all on their own! Get brainstorming and who knows what you’ll come up with.
  • A plan of attack. It really helps to plan your fundraising. Put aside time each week to dedicate to your fundraising. The key is to start early and maintain your momentum. The last thing you are going to want to do after the event is chase people for money!
  • Motivation to succeed. Fundraising to support people living in poverty around the world is awe-inspiring. Feel proud of what you are doing and know that by fundraising you will help change lives in the Pacific and beyond. Every cent makes a difference.
  • Deadlines. A deadline is not something to be scared of, but a timeframe to guide your fundraising. Devise your fundraising plan to ensure you meet the fundraising deadline:
    • Fundraising minimum commitment achieved on Friday 5 May, 2017
    • Fundraising deadline June 30, 2017
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  • Date : 20-21 May, 2017 (Start time at 5:30am)
  • Location : Gurye and Jiri Mt. in Jeollanam-do, South Korea   Transporation   Accommodation
  • Start/Finish point : Gurye Natural Dream Park
  • Registration : 8 November, 2016 - 30 April, 2017
    Please note that site registration (3pm till midnight) and English briefing (8pm) will be held on Friday 19 May, 2017.
    Team members must be 19 years or over on event day.

Registration fee and sponsorship for Oxfam Trailwalker (per team)

Registration fee and sponsorship for Oxfam Trailwalker (per team) table
Date Registration fee Minimum sponsorship
Early bird
Until 31 December 2016
USD 310
HKD 2,400
KRW 360,000
USD 450
HKD 3,400
KRW 500,000
Until 30 April 2017 USD 350
HKD 2,700
KRW 400,000

Bank Information

Bank Information
Currency HKD USD KRW
Account No. 284-401080-010 490768-11-002146 490737-01-003137
Account holder OXFAM Hong Kong OXFAM IN KOREA
Swift code - CZNBKRSEXXX
Bank Hang Seng Bank KOOKMIN BANK

* All teams must have fundraised at least USD 450(HKD 3,400 / KRW 500,000) on Friday 5 May, 2017
* All sponsorship amount will be used to support Oxfam's life-saving project.
* Please send registration fee and fundraising amount by bank transfer. For Hong Kong team, you need to bank in to Oxfam Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Bank account no: 284-401080-010. Please note that the amount must be transferred under the name of either the team or team leader.
* Any foreign currency will be converted to local Currency, KRW in your team page. The applicable exchange rate: 1 USD = 1200 KRW, 1 HKD =150 KRW.
* It is non-refundable and non-cancellable.

Important Notice

  1. All participants should be healthy enough to walk 100km. Take good care of your health. All participants have a responsibility to act safely at all times, taking reasonable care to protect their own health and safety. You are strongly advised to purchase your own insurance for participating in the Oxfam Trailwalker event.
  2. If your team withdraws on or before event date, you can either; a) donate your registration fee to Oxfam's life-saving work; b) transfer your registration fee for participation in Oxfam Trailwalker Korea 2018. All sponsorship will be donated to Oxfam Korea.
  3. Teams must have fundraised at least the minimum USD 450 (HKD 3,400/ KRW 500,000) by 5 May, 2017 to be eligible to participate in the event. Teams that fail to do so will be unable to start.
  4. You can change your team member(s) before 30 April, 2017. Oxfam Trailwalker is a challenging team event. Participants are strongly recommended to ensure enough time for training and team-building before the event. Please avoid changing team members in the month prior to the event.
  5. Receipts for tax deduction purposes will only be issued upon request but Oxfam Korea can’t guarantee that it allows you to claim back in your own country. Please contact us to send you a receipt at trailwalker@oxfam.or.kr. Be sure to include you and your sponsor’s details.
  6. Site registration will be held on Friday 19 May, 2017 from 3pm to midnight. Oxfam Korea will provide you with welcome pack. English briefing session will be held on Friday 19 May, 2017 at 8pm. All participants must attend the session for your safety.
  7. There are nine checkpoints (CP) along the trail. All team members must stay together between CPs, and register together at each CP.
  8. Teams’ finishing time will be recorded based on when the last member of their team reports to officials at the Finish Point. Since Oxfam Trailwalker is a team event, no individual finishing time will be recorded.
  9. It’s optional that each team has a maximum of two support crew. Each support crew is responsible for providing their team with their food, changes of clothes, first aid, medication etc needed during the event. Support crews may only meet their team at designated support crew checkpoints which will be updated. They are expressly forbidden from meeting their team at any other location on the trail.
  10. Detail map and event guide will be provided by personal email as well as Oxfam Trailwalker Korea website.

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Course route profile

* Click on the map to reveal the course details.
* CP : Check Point

  • All check points provide water, energy food, first aid, toilets and oxfam volunteers to cheer you on!
  • According to the Jirisan National Park's rule, all walkers should pass Nogodan hill (about 23km) of Jiri mountain before 3pm.
  • Detail maps and directions will be updated.
  • This course is subject to change before the event.


Now, total 128 teams are waiting for your donation to fight against poverty.
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About Gurye and Jirisan National Park

Gurye is a county in the province of Jeollanam-do, South Korea. Gurye is a small, picturesque farming town situated between Jiri Mt. and the Seomjin River. Gurye is the sole designated special tourism and leisure zone in all of Jeollanam-do.

Gurye is a popular hiking destination during the spring and autumn seasons. Gurye is home to the Jirisan National Park, the largest and oldest national park in South Korea. It is the second-tallest mountain in South Korea after Jeju Island's Hallasan and Jirisan National Park has several hiking routes. Every year more than 280,000 people visit Jiri Mountain.

Find out about Gurye and Jiri Mt.


One person in three in the world lives in poverty.

Oxfam is determined to change the world by mobilizing the power of people against poverty. Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them.

We believe that poverty is unjustifiable and preventable, that the present state of inequality and injustice must be challenged, and that with the right help, poor people can change their lives for the better.

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