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Oxfam Trailwalker is a fundraising project where you challenge yourself to walk 100km in 38 hours alongside your team of 4. It is the most valuable challenge by sharing suffering of people who walk dozens of kilometers for water and participating in changing the world. All the funds raised through Oxfam Trailwalker will support Oxfam's emergency response including safe water, sanitation and hygiene supply.
동영상 썸네일 재생하기 Walking 100KM is a huge challenge to us.
However, it is a road to survival to acquire water in a water-deficient country like Kenya.
Oxfam is an international emergency and development organization founded in 1942 in Oxford, UK. Ever since, Oxfam has been providing the most practical and innovative ways for humanitarian response including water, sanitation and food distribution, and has been cooperating with local governments and international organizations to tackle the poverty and to lead meaningful changes in structure and policy level


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The money you raise will help lift people out of poverty across the globe and provide for Oxfam’s emergency response including safe water, sanitation and hygiene supply.